Paperny Alexander - Trio “Dark Eyes”

Trio “Dark Eyes”


“Dark eyes”- That’s the symbol of Russia in the western countries. The balalaika is it also.
All together fits perfectly in the trio “Dark eyes”.
The three musician , who are living in Hamburg, Germany for a very long time are playing not only the Russian folk songs, but romances songs, too.

Elena Engel (soprano) was born in St. Petersburg. After her study in the university of music, film and theatre, she started to work as a solist at the St.Petersburg opera house. Up from 1993 she sang for example in the musicals “Cats” and “Phantom of the opera” in Hamburg.
Waldemar Gudi (Bayan) was born in Kazakhstan. He was studying in Russia and won a lot prices on international music compitition. Since 1995 he is living in Hamburg. Waldemar Gudi is teacher at the accordion center Brusch and conductor of the accordion orchestra M. S. Schneider of Hamburg.

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