Paperny Alexander - Duo “Balalaika and Organ”

Duo “Balalaika and Organ”

Sergej Tcherepanov


The new music project by Alexander Paperny calls “Balalaika and organ” promises to be an exceptional sound experience!
His partner on the organ is Sergej Tcherepanov. With his hands and feet, he is able
to take up the brilliant playing of the balalaika and carry it onward, maintaining all the
while a well balanced sound.
Sergej Tcherepanov was born in northern Kazakhstan and studied piano and organ
at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and at conservatories in the german citys
Hamburg and Lübeck. He is now acting as assistant professor of organ as a solo instrument
as well as piano and harpsichord accompaniment at the Lübeck Conservatory. He is
also active as a church musician and is the artistic director of the summer concert series
in the St. Petri Church in Bosau by the Plöner Lake in Germany. His organ recitals and his
ensembles projects on the harpsichord take him to most European countries. In addition
to his function as jury member in international competitions, he also teaches regularly as
a guest professor.

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