Paperny Alexander - Waldemar Gudi

Waldemar Gudi



Waldemar Gudi, born 1967 in Serenda, Kasachstan.
1979-1982 Music school in Serenda. His first teacher was Victor Jung.
1982-1986 Music College with Jacob Gebert.
1985 First prize at the Bajan-Competition of the Kasach Republic.
1988-1993 Studies at the Woronesh High School of Music in Russia with Alexander Sotnikow.
1985 First prize Competition for Bajan-Players in Kasachstan.
1992 Second prize Competition of Musical High Schools in Russia.
1997 Seventh prize International Accordeon-Competition at Reinach (Switzerland).
Since 1995 Living in Hamburg.
Since 1997 Teaching at Johannes-Brahms-Conservatory.
Since 1998 Duo with Alexander Paperny (Balalaika)
Since 1999 Duo with Horea Krishan (Pan-Flute)
Since 2000 Duo with Alexander Suslin (Double-Bass)
Since 2000 Conductor of the Hamburg Accordeon-Orchestra M.S. Schneider.

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