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New art for the people

NeueKunstWas lange währt, wird endlich gut… Dear Listener! You are fortunate indeed. Fortunate, because you have a
pleasure of this music waiting for you. The music you are going to
discover is unique, and not only because of the unusual combination of
instruments, a balalaika, an accordion, and a bass.
But mainly because each of these instruments is being lovingly handled
by a true master. Alexander Paperny makes his balalaika sing with an
unexpectedly youthful voice. You can hear Natascha Böttcher’s feminine
soul in the sounds of her accordion. Andrei Stepanenko makes your
heart beat in beat with his music. You will not just hear your
favorite melodies. You will hear the unique voices of these wonderful
musicians blending together and raising the music to the new heights.
Their music is alive and breathing. Please listen carefully to it.

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